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The way we work in companies has drastically changed over the past few years—and it shows no sign of settling down. There are several factors contributing to this transformation, including:

  • Digitalisation: IT is becoming ever more important, together with collaboration, availability, and searching for information.
  • Internationalisation: Teams are often spread over many departments and locations, even internationally.
  • The rising cost of space: Rent will continue to increase in the next few years, resulting in smaller offices.
  • Workers: The hunt for specialists and the right staff is getting harder for enterprises. And employee’s expectations have also changed.

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Flexibility is key.

Flexible working is required to embrace today’s challenges. And employees also want to enjoy more leisure time whenever possible, choosing to work from home or even on the go.


Offices should become more open and modern to encourage this flexible working style and facilitate the exchange of ideas. And the right IT is also crucial. Whether you’re working with laptops, smartphones, thin clients or tablets, your devices need to be able to connect quickly and seamlessly to one another. And security is just as important as the right connections and connection technology.

Flexibel Arbeiten
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Old IT - inefficient way of working.

When you take a closer look at many companies, however, that’s not always the reality—outdated IT in operation or unoptimised workstations that often don’t meet employees’ needs. And they haven’t even thought about a strategy for easy, mobile working. Targeted investments can quickly lead to success, letting your employees work more efficiently and faster. This doesn’t just save you money, but also increases your employees’ levels of work satisfaction—while promoting your image as a good employer. It might sound complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be. Our experts are on hand to construct you a modern working environment—perfectly structured and target-oriented.

How can you set up a modern working environment?

When constructing a modern, flexible working environment, you don’t just need to know the exact number of PC workstations you have; you also need to ask yourself several questions to create a concept. Here’s a few we’ve put together for you:

  • How can you integrate new devices into your existing IT infrastructure?
  • Which devices, like laptops, smartphones, and thin clients are your employees using?
  • Are you using the right software?
  • What does your security consist of?
  • Does your company do mobile working? Does your company have a mobile working strategy?
  • Can mobile working working and working at a desk go hand in hand?
  • Do you work internationally or across various departments—and what tools do you use for this?

Find out more about the opportunities of mobile working and the benefits of virtualisation and use of thin clients. And of course, you’re always welcome to get in touch about these topics for quick advice with no obligation. We’re here to help!


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