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Greet your guests with a smile, guide them to the right room, and keep them entertained in case they have to wait a while. Our experts make this your reality. From design to installation, we’ll find the right public display solution for you.

Welcome guests and get them to where they need to be – Public displays and digital signage systems for your visitors.

You let your customers know where to find you on the outside of your building with traditional signs and lettering. Digital signage can step in here, receive your guests and guide them to a free parking space. The real welcome to your company happens, however, in your reception area. It’s the threshold to your business, and your chance to leave a lasting first impression on the customer. If this first impression goes above and beyond what they expected, you’ll have created a positive environment that customers immediately feel welcome in.

Create this environment by showing off your company culture in images and videos on public displays. Disperse news and information around your enterprise and greet visitors with their name in lights on a Full HD LED display. The possibilities are virtually endless—integrate the displays into your reception exactly as you want and need. Your corporate identity is the only guideline. Choose a wide range of screens for single displays, digital info pillars, and even entire video walls to show our company off to its best advantage.

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Increased customer satisfaction with public displays. 

Various studies show that waiting times feel longer when people have nothing to occupy them. Subjective sense of time is rooted in perception that is heavily influenced by psychology. Errors in perception lead to the waiting times quickly feeling much longer than they are, even though the objective time period, as measured on a clock, has not been long at all. Studies also show that distractions such as videos, TV programmes, and digital displays can make waiting time seem shorter. So you can make waiting more enjoyable for your customers and entertain and distract them with public information displays in waiting areas. Another insight from the studies is that customers’ overall satisfaction of a service is greatly increased when the subjective waiting time is short.

Digital Signage am Empfang
Digital Signage am Empfang

Targeted signage systems and info columns.

In large buildings and growing companies, visitors—and sometimes even employees—need to be guided to their destination. This is where guidance systems come in. And in conjunction with signage systems you can really use them to their full potential. Modern orientation systems and guidance systems are easy to understand and visually appealing, so it really pays dividends to make sure you’re putting quality data on them. Knowing which employees are based where makes finding the room and department you need far quicker, simplifying your daily operations.

Intuitive use of systems in popular locations.

Customers like digital touchpoints for problem solving. According to a study by the management consultant firm McKinsey, customer satisfaction increases by 19% if they have the option to solve their problem via a digital touchpoint. This sort of guidance system requires an info column linked to a central point in reception, and a touch screen that lets the user find their way to the room or person they’re trying to find. Your customer and employees are able to use the system intuitively and view a map of the building showing the best way to get to their meeting. Once they draw near to their destination, digital door signage helps them find the right room and shows them whether the room is currently vacant, what meeting is taking place, and if the person they’re looking for is already waiting in the room.

Types and sizes of public displays.

The right size of screen depends on the size of the room. Large and small rooms have different requirements when it comes to screens. Some typical displays are:

  • Professional LED/LCD screens
  • Digital info columns
  • Video walls
  • Projector solutions
  • Interactive technologies like digital signage, guidance systems

Simple content management.

The content you want to show in your reception, on door screens, monitors, and guidance systems can be controlled from a central point. User-friendly software lets you create and manage your content yourself—making changes to individual displays at the push of a button. Some ideas for content are:

  • images
  • Video
  • TV channels
  • RSS news feeds
  • Posts from your social media channels
  • Employee information
  • Websites
  • Reservation information
  • Your contact’s details on a door screen

Digital signage and public info displays hold great potential when welcoming visitors and communicating as an enterprise. ARP is your reliable partner and supports you in your project from the initial consultation, planning and commissioning through to support with creating content. We look forward to hearing from you.

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